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“The Americas regional conference is the most important ITF event in the region. All ITF affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean who are up-to-date with their affiliation fees can participate and debate the ITF work programme 2014-2018 in a democratic and open way. We look forward to having you here to plan together how we can strengthen transport workers’ trade unions in our region. 

No ITF affiliate should miss it. Transport workers who are not able to come will have, for the very first time, the opportunity of participating remotely by sending your comments to this website, because you have a voice, and we want to hear you!”

Antonio Rodriguez Fritz, ITF Americas Regional Secretary.


ITF Americas is pleased to announce its 6th Regional Conference, which will take place in Rio das Ostras, Brazil, from 4 to 8 November 2013. 

What is a regional conference and why is it important?
The conference is held approximately every four years and is open to all ITF affiliated organisations in the region. It is an important event for transport workers and their organisations across the region, because it will define the regional strategy to go forward into the theme document to be presented at the 43rd ITF International Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2014. These motions form the building blocks for the strategic direction of the wider work programme of the ITF.

During the Regional Conference, ITF section meetings will also be held, with the presence of brothers and sisters from ITF London, alongside, Antonio Rodriguez Fritz, ITF Regional Secretary, and Stephen Cotton, ITF Acting General Secretary.

Straight from the conference floor

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